About PiGreco

Pi Greco π is a brand known for its innovative design and highest quality audio components. All products of Pi Greco π are designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy.


The design philosophy of Pi Greco: simple is the best. The circuits used are simple, neat and well refined to ensure the sound transparency, dynamic and lively. All the amplification circuits operate in the most pure and expensive class, the CLASS A. These circuits feature an absolutely zero negative feedback. The prices of Pi Greco products are justified by the high class of the devices and the quality of the materials used.


  • All transformers applied are of the toroidal type, with selected resin-coated cores located inside the metallic containers and mounted on vibration dampers.
  • The filtering capacitors, which are highly important to audio units, are from "Nippon Chemicon" and manufactured in the USA, in the factories of the former "Sprague", the typical blue color of the capacitor; representing they are high quality capacitor manufactured by this American leading manufacturer
  • All the signals mainly cross field-effect active components such as FETs and MOSFETs. All devices are well matched to reduce distortion.


The signal in the preamplifiers is processed by one single MOSFET. The sound is simply extraordinary, clear and 3-dimensional.
High attention is devoted to the high frequency extension. The frequency response of the top model PBG Riferimento is outstanding, reaching up to 2 MHz.

Power amplifiers

Our power amplifiers are all in Pure Class A and can be subdivided into two categories:
Balanced units (PAB 250 and PAB 80)
Unbalanced unit (PAS 130, PAS 70 and PAS 40)

The toroidal transformers used in the power amplifiers are composed of the power-supply unit that have been manufactured with great care and resin-coated inside their great container insulated, by means of 8 vibration dampers, from the steel double frame, featuring an overall thickness of 6 mm, laser-cut and reinforced with 15x20 mm aluminium bars.

One of the largest monophonic amplifiers made available in the market. There are 80 final MOSFETs, a filtering capacity of 2 Faraday, 2 transformers of a total power of 2500VA.

The PAB 80 is a monophonic power amplifier with double symmetrical amplifier circuits; it represents a real jewel of engineering, since it has been designed to offer top performances as well as to save space. The internal layout is arranged in a tidy and functional configuration. Both the electrical and sound performances are absolutely excellent.

Integrated amplifiers

There are two integrated amplifiers, PI 25 and the top-class PI 40. Inside the chassis installed two separated sections, preamplifier section and power amplifier section. Both are in dual mono design.

Phono Amplifiers

This unit shows how a non-conventional circuit, without feedback loops and with the RIAA network split in two parts, can react to noise and acceptance measuring producing RIAA abrupt pre-emphasized signals, exactly like a conventional circuit with the RIAA network involved in the feedback loop. In the RIAA MM section there is a first differential stage; since one of the inputs is not occupied by the feedback loop, it is available for a true balanced input. In order to make it unbalanced, it is enough to bond one of the inputs

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